The Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust (RSST) was founded by Sri. M.C. Shivananda Sharma – a teacher and an active freedom fighter hailing from a small village in the erstwhile state of Mysore. The mission of our founder was to 'Impart Quality Education to all sections of the society', which was considered a privilege in pre-independent India.

In the year 1940, Sri M.C Shivananda Sharma, along with like-minded philanthropists joined hands and started a Primary School with 6 students and a teacher in a rented building. Today eight decades later, RV (Rashtreeya vidyalaya), with 26 institutions and over 17,000 students and staff in excess of 1500 are in the forefront among providers of quality education in India.

Courses offered at RV institutions range from K12 education to doctoral degrees. Arts, science, commerce, engineering, management studies, teachers education and training, dentistry, physiotherapy, nursing are few of the specific streams offered.

In today's global context, the brand ‘RV’ immediately brings to one's mind a class of young achievers in enterprise, information technology, industry and research; it is because of its flagship institution, namely RV College of Engineering (RVCE). Global recognition of RSST’s initiatives has given it the impetus to modernize itself, expand the existing and explore newer frontiers of knowledge for the benefit of the society.

Since its inception, RSST has been continuously evolving itself, strengthening its roots with every offshoot budding into a new branch.

We experimented with this concept at RV-VLSI is 2006. We are expanding this to emerging technologies – AI and AE, under the guidance and direction of Sri. Venkatesh Prasad CEO, RV-SKILLS.

  • Dr.M.K.Panduranga Setty President, Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust

We are convinced skilling graduates in emerging technologies is best achieved when delegated to industry experts.

RSST will provide the necessary infrastructure and support to create world-class talent for the AI, AE, IT industries, startups and incubation centers though RV-SKILLS. Best wishes to Mr. Venkatesh Prasad CEO, RV-SKILLS.

  • Sri. AVS Murthy Hon. Secretary, Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust

Office Bearers

Dr.M.K.Panduranga Setty President




K.G.Subbarama Setty Hon. Treasurer

A.V.S.Murthy Hon.Secretary

D.P.NagarajHon.Joint Secretary

Trustess - Sri/Smt.

  • Akhilesh Babu K.S.
  • Anantha Raman R.
  • Balakrishna S.M.
  • Chandrashekar Raju A.C.
  • Dattaraj M.K.
  • Dev Darshan Banad Viswanath
  • Ganesh Narayan C.
  • Harendran K.C.
  • Karthik D.Meda
  • Maya Chandra
  • Nandakumar P.S.
  • Nandish N.R.
  • Pramila Vijayakumar
  • Dr.Prakash M.S.
  • Pathi A.Sridhara
  • Ramachandra M.K.
  • Ramesh K.L.
  • Shyam M.P
  • Sujit Chandan K.A.
  • Suresh S.
  • Venkatesh Babu P.S.
  • Vinod Hayagriv C.
  • Vishnu Bharath A.S.
  • Viswanath Setty B.R.

List of Institutions under RSST

  • 2019 RV-AE (A RV-Skills competency center)
  • 2019 RV-AI (A RV-Skills competency center)
  • 2019 RV-Skills
  • 2019 RV University, RV Institute of Technology and Management & Aster RV Hospital
  • 2018 RV Institute of Legal Studies
  • 2015 R.V.College of Architecture
  • 2008 RV PU College
  • 2007 RV-VLSI Design Center
  • 2003 R.V.College of Nursing & R.V.College of Physiotherapy
  • 1999 R.V.Public School – ICSE & R.V.Institute of Management
  • 1994 R.V.Centre for Manufacturing Research & Technology Utilisation
  • 1992 DAPM R.V.Dental College
  • 1982 SSMRV Pre-University College & SSMRV Degree College
  • 1973 NMKRV College for Women – including P.G.Dept.
  • 1971 NMKRV Pre-University College for Women
  • 1963 R.V.College of Engineering
  • 1962 R.V.Girls' High School
  • 1954 R.V.Teachers' College & Training Institute
  • 1940 RV School (Nursery, Primary, High School & Integrated School for the Disabled)