Frequently Asked Questions

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Does a career in Automotive Electronics have a future ?

Definitely yes; Threat of Global warming and government regulations are the main drivers. Advances in sensor, battery, VLSI and AI technologies are other drivers to achieve Zero emission vehicles in the not so near future.
Increased urban mass mobility & regulations are driving rapid vehicle electrification. Future vehicles will have complex electronic units ( 50+) to cater to smart mobility and other high end features.
80% of innovations are in the area of Automotive Electronics and this has become competitive necessity for existing manufacturers to adopt and stay ahead of competitors.
Electric mobility and autonomous driving are in growth and evolution phase to provide safe and environmental friendly intelligent transport system. Undoubtedly, huge number of skilled engineers with required competency to build these new complex technologies is the need of the hour..

What jobs are available in Automotive Electronics?

Jobs in Automotive Electronics are available at vehicle manufacturers, Tier-1 Suppliers,Tier-2 suppliers, Module developers, Tool developers, Test and Certification labs. More than 500 companies in India directly engaged in design, development, manufacturing & testing of vehicles. As vehicle electrification has started gaining traction, it opens new mobility avenues for India to tap into.
At present, electric vehicles represent a magnitude of growth never seen before and India is all set to position itself as a leader of the EV marketplace. RV-AE training institute in automotive electronics will play an important role in bridging the gap to provide competent engineers in this new technology field.

I am looking for a job in Automotive Electronics? Is this right for me?

Automotive Electronics is multi-disciplinary technology involving electronics, mechanical, electrical, networking and computing technologies. Primarily it is application of electronics on vehicle engineering. You will like this career if you are interested in automating repeated functions using electronic systems.
For example In-vehicle entertainment, power steering, power breaks, electronic ignition and similar features that you see in a vehicle today are all contributions made by Automotive Electronics engineers
Following Key drivers are increasing electrification in the modern vehicles.
Increased Urban Mass Mobility/ Upcoming global/country regulations Connectivity demand / Increased demand for Clean & Green technologies.
Safety & sophistication/ Intense competition/ Comfort features Affordable conversion of traditional mechanical functions to E/E Cost of ownership / Driving experience/ Remote diagnostics/SW update.
If you are interested in learning new technologies and master the same, huge opportunities and job placements in automotive electronics are waiting for you .

Current market situation for jobs in Automotive Electronics?

Transportation segment is a huge industry contributing to the GDP and employment of India. In the mobility equipment space jobs in Automotive Electronics will be of great demand as 80% of all innovations in vehicles are based on Electronics .
Upcoming global/country regulations will push vehicle electronics content and Increase the demand for Clean and Green technologies. This will push vehicles to incorporate electric power-train which will create huge opportunities for skilled Automotive Electronics engineers. Connectivity, Safety and sophistication demands will see rapid electrification of all types of vehicles. All of the above will create shortage of skilled Automotive Electronics engineers.
As per a survey 15000+ skilled engineers in vehicle electronics will be in demand. Refer placement section for more details .

What is the future in automotive electronics field?

Many technologies like electric mobility, connected vehicles, clean technologies to meet upcoming BS VI / Euro certifications are in the transition phase and developments will continue for more than a decade.
Also Autonomous/self-driving technology is rapidly evolving and will be fully accepted by society in the coming decades.
This is another huge potential area for Automotive Electronics jobs.

What are the job requirements for Automotive Electronics

Companies in Automotive Electronics can be classified as Vehicle manufactures, Electronic subsystem suppliers, Software providers, test/certification labs.
Requirements from each of these companies will be slightly different, but all of them expect engineers to have an idea of vehicle mechanics, electrical and electronic architecture of the vehicle, embedded controller basics, knowledge of sensors and actuators, Electric power-train and telematics.
IoT test and validation requirements featuristic technologies such as machine learning AI, VLSI and Embedded systems will help differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd..

Are Automotive Electronics jobs available all over India?

Vehicle design, development, and manufacturing are spread throughout India with more concentration in Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Gurgaon, Indore & Sanand, At Bengaluru (Bangalore), it is more of design, development and testing activities catering to local and global customers. RV-AE is the best training institute in Bangalore offering Job oriented Advanced diploma in Automotive electronics.
The center is equipped with high-end computer infrastructure, has access to Industry Standard Software, Faculty with decades of Industry experience and most importantly support from the Industry to incorporate real industry challenges into the course structure..

What is the typical salary and career growth one can expect in Automotive Electronics?

Automobile will undergo more changes in the next 10 years than it has since its inception 125 years ago. Electric vehicle development is in transition phase, while new technologies like ADAS, Autonomous driving, Connectivity, Shared mobility are in the development phase.
All of these demand huge numbers of skilled & competent engineers.
Trained engineers in our center will acquire competency to handle design, development, proto building, testing, verification & validation tasks.
Typical salary and Career growth will be rapid when compared to generic non core campus jobs which do not offer a platform for utilizing your specialised skills.

Do you guarantee a job after training?

As a policy we do not offer job guarantees to anyone. We guarantee you the best training which truly covers the entire design flow from concept to product development.
Our courseware and labs are well designed to help you navigate through the interview confidently.
We provide exciting project experience, training on writing resumes, mock interviews to boost your confidence. .

In adverse economic situations will I still be able to get a job after doing the course?

No doubt during a downturn in economy, there is a general impact on all industries including automotive segment.
However this is the best time to get trained and upgrade skills to take the benefit of an economic upswing whenever it takes place.
Moreover our experience tells that good companies are always on the look out for good candidates and recruit them irrespective of market conditions- sometimes going out of the way to create a new job post.

What kind of salaries do companies offer?

Companies offer salaries comparable to the best software companies and some times even exceeding them. As per our knowledge, salaries could range from 4 lakh to 5 lakh/annum based on candidate performance and with stock options sometimes.

Will I get a regular job or will I be placed as an apprentice / trainee?

This depends on the company. Mostly companies hire for regular positions and put candidates on probation for 3-6 months. Sometimes based on performance, candidates are given regular employment in two to three months itself. Some companies do designate candidates as trainees for 6 months or so and then provide regular employment thereafter..

I want to gain knowledge in vehicle electronics and I am not looking for a job. Since i am going Abroad for higher studies. How will this course help me

Good Question, Higher learning pedagogy is based on research, hands-on learning. At RV-AE we belive acquiring a new skills is best achieved by taking a hands on and experienctial learning approach. Your learning experience at RV-AE will perpare you to make the most out of your MS.

If there is any delay in getting a job after completing the course, can I continue to work in AE center till I get a job?

As per standard practice of RV-AE, we do not encourage this.
However when we intimate you about an interview scheduled after the completion of the course you are given an opportunity to seek any clarifications you may have with the faculty before attending the interview..

What is the best thing to do in a downturn ?

Great question!! In short do something!! Take advantage of the times you are in. In the US people enroll into industry oriented programs during such periods to retrain and update their skills.
Companies hire trained talent that can be productive quickly.
RV-AE programs are designed to make you productive in a short time. Enquiries from companies for trained talent is already started..

If There is a worldwide downturn, is the AE industry affected?

Yes, Automobile industry is consumer driven and downturns are not new to India - remember the slowdown that hit us after Y2K.
The good news is, downturns will be there but things turn around and get better than before. New players will enter the market -place, new opportunities will be created and the economy will start to grow..

Can I start a company of my own after this course ?

Excellent question, yes. However we strongly advice you gain some real world experience for a few years/projects and then venture into business.
Compared to IT sectors the initial capital needed to be considered. Test labs & Certification labs are in high demand with ready market .

Can I go abroad and continue my higher studies after this course?

Excellent idea, we believe you will be better equiped to learn in a foreign environment as they typically follow a experiencial learning approach similar to ours.
More over since you would have interacted with industry experts during your course work you will be able to plan your higher studies in a more methodical manner and take informed decisions regarding choosing the institution, credits and projects..

What is your policy on Placement guarantee?

As a policy we do not offer any guarantees towards placements, having said that we believe we offer a comprensive placement assistance program- relevant course/lab/projects required by industry, soft-skills by way of interactions and presentations to make you more confident, a resume builder to assist and guide in preparing a professional resume and mock interviews which simulate a real world interview scnerio which helps you identify your weak areas and most importantly self evaluate your interview performance so you are ready for the next one.
Our track record shows that we have the right framework to skill development, if you support us by putting in your sincere effort we do not see placement as a challenge quite frankly..

How is RV-AE course structure and teaching methodology different from any other training institute?

RV-AE is a unique combination of a design center, This is finishing school, research center and learning center.
Investments worth millions of dollars have been made with a view to providing the best education and industry-specific training experience to you.
We believe RV-AE is a new concept in advanced skill development and a unique center in the entire country. It is lead by industry experts - to provide quality training with an industry focus.
An able team of like minded professionals with industry experience will guide and mentor aspiring engineers to realize their goals..

How can I be sure that what is taught at RV-AE is relevant to current industry needs?

RV-AE course structure is reviewed and vetted by multiple experts across the Automotive Electronics sector. We have received Psitive feedback about our course structure and delivery methodology from experts working at Vehicle manufacturers, Tool developers, Electronic system suppliers, and test and certification labs..

I am a working professional in Automotive Electronics. Can I benefit from the courses?

Offcourse you will. Weather you are looking to upgrade your skills with the latest in your area of specialization or looking for a change of track (Lateral move) we have programs that will help you. Please call or email us for details.

Do I have to take up the entire course in Advanced Diploma in Automotive electronics? Can I take up module by module?

You have both options. You can take up the 6 months course if you have time. If you do not have the time then you can take up the course with a subgroup of modules, as per your convenience. For details call or email us.

What are the areas of specialization in AE, which ones are in demand and have more scope?

Please check the contents listed under specializations. E-Mobility (Electric vehicles) technology is the current trend as all OEMs are entering into this new segment. Our Advance Diploma in AE with focus on EV technology will prepare you for this high growth and high demand area..

What are the course contents of Advance Diploma in Automotive Electronics?

Our goal is to enhance your knowledge and skill in various electronic control units (ECU) , trends & technologies to understand mechanical sub systems & ECU networking, to gain competency in embedded product design, development & certification skills as per industry needs.
Module-1: Introduction to Vehicle Mechanics .
Module-2: Vehicle E & E architecture.
Module-3: Sensors & Actuators.
Module-4: Model based design-Embedded controller development.
Module-5: Vehicle Mechatronic systems focusing on chassis control systems .
Module-6: Electric powertrain including batteries and energy storage & management.
Module- 7: Telematics .
Module-8: Need for Testing & validation .
Module-9: Futuristic technologies Ciourse work with live industry relevant project work is designed in such a way to make this center leading and best coaching center for automotive electronics .

Course offered is a Certification or Advanced Diploma program?

It will be Advanced Diploma in Automotive Electronics with focus on EV technology.

What tools and boards are used at RV-AE

Function and product development will be using model-based design with Mathworks toolchain, CAN network simulation with Vector CANoe, Electric vehicle modeling with Simscape tool, Saber & Mentor Graphics for modeling, simulation. Wiring harness, design Reference boards of reputed automotive semiconductor manufacturers like Infineon, Renesas, NXP, TI with IDE will be used for real proto building to help in visualization by the developer .

Course duration and timings?

Advance Diploma in Automotive Electronics with focus on EV technology is a six months (960 hours), Monday to Friday/10am-6.00pm.

What are the specialisations?

Automotive Electronics is multi disciplinary, it will provide opportunity to gain expertize in the technology of interest to you.
Following are a few technologies one can master in Sensing technologies & data fusion Actuators & motion control Model Based Embedded Control Systems Development Autonomous Driving /In Vehicle Networking/Telematics Engine Management System/Transmission Control .
Functional Safety/E-Mobility E/E Architecture/On Board Diagnostics EMI/EMC Handling & Management .

Why Automtotive Electronics?

Growth of automotive electronics is rapidly increasing mainly due to regulations, environmental acceptance, electric vehicles & autonomous driving. Development of new complex technologies require multiple skill streams with in depth verification and validation.
This provides enormous opportunities for graduate engineers to learn new technology of interest to build fast career growth.
Advanced diploma programs at RV-AE will provide deep learning with hands on covering all the skills required for a student to become competent design engineer.

What are the Key learnings?

Opportunity to learn broad spectrum of technologies including Signal processing, Data fusion, Image analysis, Network management, Model based design, Embedded control development, Function development and Verification.
Opportunity to pick and choose area of interest to gather in depth knowledge and expertise.
Understand high end research to incorporate IOT, AI, self-learning, fuzzy/neural logic to provide futuristic technologies like autonomous driving, connected cars, advanced driver assistance.
Intelligent transportation system Acquire domain and subject knowledge to gain competency in designing multi-disciplinary technologies To acquire information on all types of sensing and motion control techniques which will help participant to smoothly fan out to other domain areas like industrial automation, robotics and machine controls Opportunity to learn best practice of embedded product development including various data networking protocols deployed in and outside the vehicle Understand rapid prototyping including component selection, PCB layout, hardware design, software development, EMC compliance, and functional testing .

Can I do my lab work on Saturdays and Sundays only?

If you are a student of the full time AE diploma program you have to do your lab work during Monday to Friday as specified. If you are a working professional and have taken up set of modules, you could have some flexibility in doing your projects on Week-days, during the evenings, and Saturdays within the specified working hours. No project work is allowed on Sundays..

I am confused!- should I go for an M.Tech Course or the AE diploma course? Which will benefit me more?

We believe experience is your best teacher. One strategy is to do a job oriented program at RV-AE to get into the industry and avail higher education benefits provided by most companies for enrolling into part time MTECH courses. If you are serious about a career in AE after your graduation you should go for the Advanced Diploma. However if your interests are academic pursuits, you should go for M.Tech courses offered by reputed universities only..

Do you have a part time course?

We do not have a part time course.
However the program is quite flexible. In a day you need to invest about three hours for theory sessions- the research lab is open till late in the evening and on Saturdays you have the flexibility to complete your practicals at your convenience.
Depending on the module you pick you will need to attend five half days or ten half days as the case may be..

If I am unable to continue the course due to some reason/s, can I complete it later?

If the reasons are pressing, compelling and genuine you can complete the course later subject to availability of a seat; but not later than 6 months from first joining. Management reserves the right in these matters..

I Plan to go abroad for my Master's degree. Will your course be helpful to me in any way?

The course will be useful. The practical orientation of the course could help them get campus job opportunities and assistantships..

How can one identify a good training institute that can enhance my skills

Skill development is best achieved when offered by experts from the Industry, A good institute will be different in what they teach, how they teach and who teaches it..

What does RV-AE teach?

Unlike a traditional academic institution RV-AE focuses on current and future requirements of the industry. RV-AE is separate skill development center under RV-Skills developing course content that address the requirements of vehicle manufacturers, Electronic system developers, Software developers and test/Certification labs. Since the topics covered are derived from Industry practises used in these Industries you will enjoy the learning experience at RV-AE.

Will you give materials in the course?

Yes, wherever it is applicable.

How does RV-AE Teach?

Our teaching methodology is very different, We have adopted the teaching methodology used at RV-VLSI design center here. A lot of importance is given to labs, projects, teamwork, presentation skills and learning through experimentation. By definition, skills can be achieved only when you make mistakes. The theory will be 25% and hands-on will be 75% which include experimentation, demo's, industry visits and industry relevant projects
The center will be equipped with best infrastructure for both class room and design labs.
Classrooms with networked desktops Lab Infrastructure-Hardware : - Test stands for powertrain & chassis sensors including Lidar, Ultrasonic, Camera.
Reference boards with IDE for real prototyping /Telematics OBU with server for understanding back end management.
Working models of chassis control systems including steering, brake & suspension /Test & measuring instruments.
Lab Infrastructure-Software: Refer tools section.
Lab Infrastructure Testing: Model in loop checking for requirements consistency, MAAB guidelines, ISO 26262 compliance.
Software in loop to check dead logic, overflow, limits.
Lab car/ Electric vehicle for checking functionalities & fault management.

Who are the faculty at RV-AE?

This is our biggest differentiator, the faculty at RV-AE come with decades of Industry experience, and have many design wins and successful product launches under there belt. Faculty at RV-AE have a deep rooted desire to teach from their experience and motive students to become employable engineers and bring a good name to themselves and the institution. Faculty at RV-AE come with the passion and commitment to make you successful. They have migrated to education from the industry not because of choice but because of passion and commitment..

How can I know if I am Eligible?

Engineering and postgraduates from Electronics and communication, Telecommunication, Electrical and Instrumentation, Instrumentation and Control systems, Mechatronics, Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical, and Automobile Engineering students can apply. .

I have low marks in my degree course. Will this affect my admission or my chance to get a job after the course?

Admission criteria is not by marks alone.
Selection is through a written test and interview. Only candidates passing the test and interview are admitted.
Generally candidates are considered for employment after completing our courses, and marks are not an issue with most companies.
However this aspect is ultimately left to the company discretion..

I had some back logs and carry forward of subjects in my semester. Will this affect my chance of getting placed?

This depends on a particular company policy and can vary from company to company. However according to our experience really good Candidates, through dedication and hard work can overcome this problem through their performance in interviews. In cases were we have received instructions from companies not to forward such resume we do not but the good news is such companies are very few..

I join RV-AE, what if I don?t like it ?

Our screening and assessments are designed to show you your general strengths and weaknesses to help you decide, in the unlikely event of you not liking the course after joining you will be given an option to reapply for a course in VLSI or AI, subject to conditions and terms, please call the institute for details.

What are the big trends in Automotive Electronics?

Big trends in Automotive Electronics are Electric Mobility, Emission reduction, Connected cars, Shared mobility, Telematics and Big data analytics, Autonomous driving, Intelligent transportation system are some of the trends which need Electronics engineers with the required exposure to the respective Industry practies, use of software and prototyping and reference design development using Industry standard reference boards.

What are some cool features we can expect in modern vehicles?

Cars that tell you the route and journey time, Control music volume by moving fingers in the air, Park assist, Smart UNLOCK, wipers autostart, advance warning of dangers ahead, advanced invehicle entertainment features, benefits of IoT, ability to customise features to suit your needs, 5G technology for intra vehicle communication and traffic management..

What will the transportation technology look like in the world of tomorrow?

Smarter,safer & more comfortable vehicles Electric vehicle technology will make rapid progress.
Advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) for safer and better driving Connectivity,regulations,sophistication,shared mobility will rise electrification in the vehicles Rise in penetration of autonomous driving .